Best practices for writing JavaScript for Project Online – Part 5

Write values to PDP input fields.

If you have followed my previous blog, you’d know how to tap an input field value on a PDP. Once you get hold of it, you can perform many operations like hide it, lock it, move it etc. using simple JavaScript operations.

In one of my apps, I was a bit surprised to learn that setting a field value programmatically e.g.  (‘#YXZ’).val(‘123’) wasn’t sufficient for a PDP to detect that an input value has changed and it should save the value back to project when the save button is pressed.

So to simulate the experience as if an end user has typed the value. I had to trigger the JavaScript change event. This then successfully forced PDP infrastructure to save the value back to project.
TypeScript code to write values back to PDP is following.

You can also download the code from


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