How to clone a Project Detail Page

Project Detail pages are essentially ASPX files. But copying these pages isn't as simple as copying a document. If you copy these pages like an ordinary document, you'd notice that copied web part page doesn't retain any web parts in it. This is because Web parts information is stored in the SharePoint Content database. Use the following procedure to copy web part pages.

1) Go to Site Actions -> Manage Content and Structure
2) Go to the Project Detail Pages library
3) Select the PDP you want to copy
4) Click Actions -> Copy
5) Copy to any other document library or folder
6) Navigate to that document library or folder
7) Use the drop-down for that page and choose Edit Properties
8) Rename the page, update any other information, and click Save
9) Select the page, then click Actions -> Move
10) Choose the Project detail Pages folder
11) Then open the page and you should have an exact copy under the new page name