Best practices for writing JavaScript for Project Online – Part 2

Checking the Project details page edit mode

The tip is about changing script behaviour based on the fact that project is editable or not.

I recently created a custom editable grid for user to enter project financial information. However, I wanted the grid to behave like regular PDP input fields which does not allow editing if the project is not in Edit mode. See the output of my grid in Edit and non-edit mode.

When PDP is in edit mode

When PDP is not in edit mode

On every PDP, project online PDP infrastructure injects a global object named EditState which exposes some useful information about the current edit state of the PDP. One of its property EditState.Editing is set to true when the page is in edit state. See the following example code.

In the next part of this series, I’ll talk about how we can avoid a common Internet Explorer error


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